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Christopher Dorner hunt ends in a burnt car – as it happened Login. Subscribe to the Guardian · iPhone · Application for Ipad Kindle edition · · · · Another week Guardian Digital Publishing · All services · House Guardian. Guardian, UK and international news, user comments. News · Sports · Comment · Culture · Business … more about
calls on North Korea nuclear test, as Obama promises quick action Barack Obama promised to “quickly and reliably action” over North Korea’s “very provocative” nuclear test which appeared to Pyongyang closer to creating a viable weapon. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting in … information
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AP PHOTO: Fat Tuesday is celebrated around the world From sequin-drenched samba parade in Rio de Janeiro in cascades of beads at Mardi Gras Bourbon Street in New Orleans, revelers gathered to dance the night away to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Catholic fasting period starts on Wednesday and … more about ABC News </>

Japan: Star new world in solar energy

Japan: world new star in solar energy Solar Especially in this blessed country photon on average, seen an increase in seismic later this year and is preparing to become the largest market for Solar energy in the world in terms of size after China. According to a report energy analyst at IHS energy mix in Japan … Read more about movement in Taksim Square – live updates push hundreds of police barricades in Istanbul’s Taksim Square with tear gas and fire rubber bullets at protesters forcing many people to a nearby park. Bulldozers and garbage trucks and clean up the appearance of white lions barikády.Po 14 smuggled from Africa and hundreds of other protected animals in a warehouse near Bangkok.

World Naked Bike Ride: Portland Ask police cyclists to wear helmets naked

World Naked Bike Ride: Portland Ask police cyclists to wear helmets naked is expected to attract about 8,000 people who are willing to bare it all before God, and the traffic and bicycle seats World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday night in Portland. When preparing and called Portland police on Friday publicly naked for riders, “naked … Read more about Taylor Stevens: It this world of men ?’s not for women women disguised as men in romance novels has historical precedent. came Taylor Stevens, who Vanessa Michael Monroe Novel, new doll, this week (June 4), gives us the reality of many women’s lives , cožElliott Holt “You’re one of them” is a sly, first and confident … Washington lent mother Elliott Holt title of her first novel, a poem by Elizabeth Bishop titled “Waiting Room”, which the narrator refers to her

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Jamie Lidell in the world Cafe and host David Dye said he called a “one-man funk tornado rights” when Lidell visited World Cafe in 2006 to support the success of successful albums – earns the title again in this relaci.-world-cafe “> NPR
Turkey: Clashes in Istanbul and Ankara continues – video continuing clashes between police and protesters on the second day in Turkey, violence in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara, the capital. Hostilities escalated in Istanbul on Friday when police tried to expel protesters from sit-in garden where … Read more about How Internet is changing
perspective Muslim world West can also work to defuse tensions between the Muslim world and the West? A new poll released on Friday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that Internet use among Muslims across the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa … Read more about

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Several years Well, I did work over time, a fault line in the world is no longer the Rhine River, but the Yellow Sea, the rest of the trenches is just awful tourist attractions and landscapes are endless whether military cemeteries and adequate. .. Read more about United States calls on the Russian arms sales to the Syrian government ‘error’ subscription. Subscribe to the Guardian iPhone app · Bad Kindle edition exceptionally · · · Guardian Weekly Digital Edition · Home Guardian. The Guardian, UK and world news, feedback from users.

Police arrest 30 at gay march in Moscow

Police arrested 30 received at gay pride march in Moscow Russian police detained at least 30 activists in central Moscow on Saturday in the gay pride march to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality.pocit shared by many people in this country that has say the most generous asylum policies in the world.

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Bill Gates Takes Back in the world richest, bumping Carlos Slim Bill Gates is again the richest man in the world, thanks in large part to glide past few days in the Mexican stock prices . Gates of leather Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim the richest Salim was held elsewhere in the world … Read more about Guy in a relationship with a younger girlfriend United States face a 18-year-old charged with a crime because the allegation that he had sexual intercourse with an underage girl, prompting gay rights advocates say they are unfairly focuses on the friendship shared in high school because they are gay.> Guardian
on stage FEMEN protester fake suicide in the Cathedral of Notre Dame is one of the members of the armed feminist group FEMEN, famous for provocative topless protest on Wednesday

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Click to enlarge. Source: world Values ​​Survey until it turned into something called the World Values ​​Survey, which was to measure the attitudes and views of the world for decades.>
in the world analyzed the first truck developed for emerging markets Talk about special delivery. British philanthropist built the first car in the world unfolded. / I> look at the top 10 world Record lottery prizes Powerball jackpot rise again, and quickly. Within a few weeks, the jackpot increased to $ 360000000, which is the third largest Powerball jackpot ever and the seventh largest jackpot.

Socialist bring great power network real world

our ears. If we all go crazy when it happens. Read more about hospital in Benghazi explosion killed 12 car bomb exploded in one of the largest hospitals in Libya, which has resulted killed 12 people and wounded 30th The bomb destroyed the department and left a burning car outside Jala hospital – one of the two major hospitals in Benghází.Spojené nations eat insects can fight against global hunger and promoting health worldwide through reducing malnutrition and even air pollution.